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HBNO - Where Health Meets Beauty

Our Story 

Health & Beauty Natural Oils was founded in 2013 by CEO Josef Demangeat. From small beginnings in a garage with only a few oils and a dream, in just 5 years HBNO has flourished into a fast-growing, essential oil power house! With over 500 essential oils and 400 carrier oils offered, we have curated a vast selection of premium quality oils from around the world that always remain 100% pure & natural.

Our Mission

We believe your health and beauty journey is important. HBNO is dedicated to helping our customers unlock their true potential by harnessing their inner and outer beauty. Our mission is to provide you with products that are the pinnacle of quality and affordability. We aim to encourage women and men to live their best lives with products that excite and inspire.

What We Offer

With our impressive inventory of essential oils, personal care products, & packaging, we are in a unique position to offer assistance to a wide variety buyers whether that be personal care, bulk ordering, or private labeling.


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